Author Videos

A series of videos in which I discuss writing and the creation of the world of Tankborn.

1. What do you like best about being a writer?

2. Where did the idea for Tankborn come from?

3. How did you create the characters in the book?

4. Which Tankborn character do you like best?

5. How do you feel about writing cross-culturally?

6. Why did you use the Indian caste system for Tankborn's society?

7. Where did you come up with the names GEN, trueborn, and lowborn?

8. Why did you set Tankborn on another planet?

9. How did you come up with the creatures in Tankborn?

10. Which is your favorite Tankborn creature?

11. What gave you the idea for the GEN tattoo?

12. What is kel-grain and why do only GENs eat it?

13. What would your sket be if you were a GEN?

14. Would you rather be a trueborn, lowborn or GEN?

15. Will there be a sequel?